Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems in Oak Ridge, TN?

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? If you have a troublesome specimen that lies close to your property, this concern has likely crossed your mind.

As the go-to crew for the best tree services in Oak Ridge, TN, our team at Pro Tree Of Knoxville has handled our fair share of challenging arboreal removals. Keep reading as we dive deeper into this topic and uncover the truth together.

can removing a tree cause foundation problems

Tree Removal Impact on Foundations

The risks of tree removal to foundations are, thankfully, fairly low. In most cases, the advantages to your property and its overall structure make it worth considering.

When a specimen’s roots wrap around or under the structure, it causes the soil to rise over time. This movement stems from the water previously absorbed by the roots percolating into the ground. In some cases, the upheaval leads to flooding or erosion.

Why wait until minor issues escalate into expensive headaches? If the tree in question grows about 20 feet or closer to your home, it’s time to consider seeking professional advice.

Indicators You Need a Removal

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? The effects of tree removal on foundations are typically negligible when done properly. 

If you notice the warning signs, it’s usually better to proceed with the job rather than wait for the damage to worsen:

  • Sinking ground: Trees with large, spreading roots can cause soil displacement. Look for visible dips or uneven areas in your yard where the ground might have shifted.
  • Cracking foundation: As roots grow and push against the foundation, they can create pressure that results in damage. These can compromise the structural integrity of your abode over time.
  • Drainage issues: Trees close to a foundation may alter the natural flow of water and direct it towards your property. Don’t wait for moisture infiltration to become a crisis. 
  • Landscaping problems: Trees can compete with other plants for vital nutrients and water, which leads to a lackluster garden. The shade they cast also limits the types of flora that can thrive beneath their canopy.

Plant Future Specimens Strategically

When you want to add new trees to your landscape, consider their full-grown size and root spread. Planting trees at least 20 feet from your home leaves ample space to grow without threatening your foundation.

Choose species native to Oak Ridge for the best growth and less maintenance. Consider planting compatible ground cover to protect the soil and roots; it also enriches your yard’s ecosystem and boosts its visual appeal.

Lessening the Impact of Tree Removal on Property Foundations

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? Between tree removal and foundation damage, we know which one we’d rather dodge any day of the week. 

Let Pro Tree Of Knoxville make the process as smooth as possible. Our crew excels at tree removal, and structural integrity is our top priority. 

Dial (865) 294-0062 or read more of our blog to discover the pitfalls of DIY tree removal.

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