What To Do With a Tree Blocking Your Driveway in Knoxville, TN?

Do you have a tree obstructing driveway access and don’t know how to handle it? The most reliable tree trimming contractor in Knoxville can help you understand what to do if you have an overgrown or fallen tree blocking driveway access. You’ll learn how to handle it safely and why you should call a professional arborist for help.

tree blocking driveway

Common Causes of Tree Blockages

If you have an impeded driveway due to trees falling or becoming overgrown, you need the problem fixed immediately. Let’s review the most common events that can cause a tree to block your property:

  • If you haven’t trimmed or pruned your tree in several years, it could eventually grow to the point where it blocks your driveway.
  • Lightning, wind, and severe weather often cause trees to fall.
  • When a tree becomes diseased or infested with insects, it damages its structure and falls more easily.
  • Bad soil health or erosion can cause unstable roots and leave the tree vulnerable to high winds.
  • If a recent construction project damaged the tree, it can more easily fall.

How To Handle a Tree Blocking Your Driveway

How should you handle a driveway obstruction by trees? Follow these steps. 

Check for Other Hazards

If you have a fallen or overgrown tree in your driveway you should also check for additional hazards. When a tree falls, it can cause other damage you might not notice right away. If you see a tree blocking driveway access, look for the following hazards that often accompany it:

  • Damage to a house, car, or structure
  • Fallen power lines that pose a fire or electrocution hazard
  • Other loose branches or limbs that may also fall

Call Your Insurance

If you have a driveway blocked by tree branches, first discern whether you have any additional hazards and then call your insurance company. If you properly cared for your tree and it still fell, you’ll likely receive some monetary aid to remove the tree, and your agent can help you through the process.

Contact a Professional

Even if you don’t have an insurance policy that covers tree removal, you should still contact a professional arborist to remove your tree. Attempting the removal yourself can cause further damage or severe injury. 

If you just have an overgrown tree, a professional arborist can trim and prune it. Otherwise, they can safely remove the tree, assess the health of your other trees, and determine if they pose a threat.

Protect Your Family

If you have a tree hindering your driveway entrance, it can also pose a threat to your neighbors. In the future, consider purchasing an insurance policy that includes liability coverage. Also, keep your family and pets away from the tree until an expert removes it.

Call Your Knoxville Tree Experts for Help

When you have a tree blocking driveway access, contact Pro Tree of Knoxville. Whether you need to get rid of tree roots under the house or want to care for the health of your tree, our arborists and tree experts can help. Call 865-294-0062 to schedule an appointment today.

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