Will Tree Roots Grow Through Burlap in Knoxville, TN?

Will tree roots grow through burlap? Whether you recently acquired a sapling cocooned in cloth or you’re mulling over the logistics of an arboreal move, concerns about a tree’s future development are valid. 

As Knoxville’s reliable tree removal crew, the Pro Tree of Knoxville team knows a thing or two about what to expect. Keep reading as we highlight the most crucial details that ensure a successful landscaping project.

will tree roots grow through burlap

Permeability of Burlap to Tree Roots

Different materials possess different characteristics. The biggest contributors to the impact of burlap on tree root penetration include:  

  • Weave density: Some burlaps have a very tight weave, while others are light and airy. Roots typically favor less resistance, so they’ll work their way through looser weaves more readily.
  • Chemical treatments: Some plant nurseries give their burlap a spritz of copper sulfate to extend its lifespan. The extra time protects the tree’s roots and allows a gentle release into the environment.
  • Material type: Natural burlap made from jute or sisal decomposes over time, a quality that’s both eco-friendly and root compatible. Synthetic options may inhibit growth since they don’t break down as naturally in soil.
  • String type: The string holding the burlap together also plays a pivotal role. Cotton strings, which tend to disintegrate over time, allow a tree’s roots to break free effortlessly. 

Understanding Burlap’s Role in Root Growth Control

Tree sellers and landscapers frequently use burlap for a reason—mainly control and transition. Think of it as training wheels for young saplings; they provide a cozy embrace while transporting them to their new home. 

Beyond using burlap as a root containment method, burlap also aids in preserving moisture around the root ball during the critical transition period. So, will tree roots grow through burlap, or should you remove it?

Tree Roots and Burlap Enclosures

You’ll find that experts have varying opinions on the burlap debate. Some purport that leaving burlap on risks girdling, as roots may struggle to penetrate the cloth. Others argue that the roots need extra support to prevent transplant shock and damage.

What is the easiest way to navigate this garden of questions? Touch base with the local grower or nursery where you acquired the sapling. Every tree species is unique, and seasoned professionals at these establishments understand that. 

They’ll share details about their expected decomposition rate of the burlap barrier and tree root growth and whether you need to let nature take its course or intercede.

Consult a Local Arborist

Will tree roots grow through burlap? How do you safely move a particularly heavy specimen? Transplanting trees into their new home involves more than just a point-A-to-point-B journey; it’s an art and a science, a process where expertise truly shines. 

Why not leave this task to Pro Tree of Knoxville? Our crew brings years of experience to the table and a deep respect for nature’s rhythms and quirks. We’ll also provide post-transplant care to ensure your tree thrives.

Call (865)-294-0062 or read more of our blog and discover the benefits of root pruning.

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