How Professionals Deal With a Thick Tree Branch in Knoxville, TN

Are you eyeing a thick tree branch that seems on the verge of breaking and falling off? Removing it before it causes property damage or bodily injury is usually a smart move.

As the go-to tree trimming company in Knoxville, our team at Pro Tree of Knoxville knows how to safely and effectively address problematic arboreal growths. Keep reading as we dive into the nitty-gritty details and help you find the best solution. 

thick tree branch

Prevention Is the Key

It starts with foresight. Arborists offer professional tree services and wield pruning as their quintessential tool. By tactfully trimming at the opportune moment, potential hazards never get the chance to bloom. 

Regular tree maintenance brings many other worthwhile perks like:

  • Enhanced tree health
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Balanced growth
  • Increased fruit and flower production

Tackling Existing Limbs

Specimens that haven’t received preventive treatments call for the three-cut method. This approach eliminates larger parts without causing undue stress to the tree.  

The First Cut

Our experts begin by making a small notch on the branch’s underside about a third into the trunk. It stops the perilous peel-back effect and safeguards the trunk’s integrity during the critical next steps. Depending on the branch’s girth and location, we might opt for a handsaw or an elongated lopper.    

The Second Cut

A few inches further up the first cut, we cut the rest of the thick tree branch from top to bottom. It will naturally break off as it bends to its weight. We always ensure that our crew stands clear of the drop zone, so the risk of injury is virtually nonexistent.

The Final Cut

With most of the branch removed, the only thing remaining is its base. You will see a slight stub where the limb meets the trunk, and we call it the branch collar. We make the last trim just above this area to encourage natural healing and guard against decay-inducing agents. 

Have you seen trees with unsightly holes or gaps? This is what happens when you accidentally remove the branch collar.

Installing Supports

Branch removal isn’t always necessary; we can preserve a tree’s grandeur or fruit-bearing potential with Y-shaped stakes. 

Our experts use them to push the branch upward until the support stands upright and its bottom lies firmly lodged in the ground. Metal T-posts or tensioned cabling can redistribute weight and alleviate excessive strain on critical junctions.

Consult a Local Arborist

The last thing you want is a mishap that damages your property or causes irreversible harm to your favorite specimen. Why take the risk when you can leave this problem to an expert?

Our team at Pro Tree of Knoxville are bona fide experts in urban forestry. We will assess your thick tree branch, craft a tailor-fit plan, and execute it with a precision that only comes from years of experience. We also follow the latest safety practices to minimize any potential hiccups.

Dial (865) 294-0062 or explore more of our blog and learn how to tackle a tree with broken branches!   

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