Will Broken Branches Kill a Tree?

“Will broken branches kill a tree?” This question probably passed your mind as you gazed at the languishing limb hanging from your majestic backyard tree. It’s a pertinent concern, especially when you consider the intricate, delicate balance of life in our arboreal friends. 

As the go-to tree-trimming experts in Knoxville and the rest of the Volunteer State, we know a thing or two about arboreal care. Keep reading as we break down the nitty-gritty details and help you make informed decisions for your living landscape.

will broken branches kill a tree

How Much Damage Did Your Tree Sustain?

The fate of your tree largely hinges on the extent of damage. A few small broken branches don’t usually mean a death sentence. These organisms have an innate ability to seal off damaged areas, a process known as compartmentalization, allowing them to continue their metabolic functions relatively unhindered. 

A tree stripped bare or severely mangled canopy reveals a different story. This type of severe trauma threatens the plant’s survival and disrupts its ability to photosynthesize and receive necessary nutrients. 

What To Do Next

So, will broken branches kill a tree? It’s usually unlikely, but you can certainly take steps to prevent further damage and promote recovery. Trimming off the damage is the first thing you’d want to do to:

  • Make the surrounding space safer: A rogue tree branch becomes a disaster waiting to happen; it poses a significant risk to people, pets, and property. Why wait for a nasty surprise when a simple cut could avert this perilous scenario? 
  • Restore your trees beauty: Does your tree look more like a horror movie prop than the picturesque focal point of your landscape? Pruning removes those unsightly limbs and, when done strategically, encourages the tree to grow the way you want.
  • Encourage faster healing: The jagged edges of broken branches serve as an open invitation to disease and pest infestation. If you cut them with a sharp tool, you create a clean, smooth surface that’s easier to heal.

Can You Repair Broken Branches?

Yes, minor damage may prove fixable. Consider using grafting tape for smaller branches; they act like Band-Aids for trees. Wrap the break tightly, and nature will do the rest. 

For heftier branches, a makeshift crutch can help. Sandwich the tree and branch with twine and support it with 2x4s. Tying the branch to a healthy limb provides additional support.

Remember, the healing process can take time, sometimes even years. While not a quick fix, if you really like the look of that particular branch, your patience just might pay off. 

Consult a Local Tree Service

Will broken branches kill a tree? The last thing you want is to damage your tree due to misguided attempts at self-repair. Leave the heavy lifting to our crew at Pro Tree of Knoxville instead.

Call (865)-294-0062 and give your specimen the proper care it needs—we also provide tree removal when necessary.

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