How To Get Rid of Tree Roots Under Your House

Having large, attractive trees along your exterior property can significantly elevate its visual appeal. However, sometimes tree roots develop underneath your house, causing numerous issues that can jeopardize your home’s foundation, plumbing system, and more. As such, Pro Tree of Knoxville is here to explain how to get rid of tree roots under the house and prevent structural issues. 

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The Dangerous of Tree Roots Growing Under Homes

Most large trees, especially those with overgrown tree roots, have extensive root systems that grow several feet long. Although thriving root systems are essential for trees, overgrown tree roots can sometimes develop underneath your home and interfere with its structure, causing significant house foundation damage that often demands expensive repairs.

Tree roots can also penetrate your property’s plumbing system, causing vexing leaks, clogs, and other piping issues. Additionally, roots under exterior paths and driveways can create cracks and buckling, diminishing their appearance, safety, and structure.

You must eliminate encroaching tree roots under your home and exterior paths before they become a significant problem.

How To Eliminate Tree Roots Under Your House

Hiring a professional tree root removal service offers the best way to eradicate damaging tree roots under your property. Arborists utilize several underground root removal methods that eliminate roots while preventing future encroachment. Use the root infestation solutions below to learn how to get rid of tree roots under the house:

Trench Root Removal

Arborists often dig trenches around a home to remove roots once they reach a home’s foundation. They dig 18 inches deep and prune invasive roots to prevent further structural damage. However, this method only works when the encroaching roots make up less than 25% of the root system and develop more than 15 feet away from the tree’s trunk.

Also, many tree services offer root barrier installation to prevent infringing roots from adversely affecting your property. 

Pipe Rerouting

If your roots invade your home’s piping system, you can prune the roots using the method above and reroute the pipes. A plumber will redirect your lines away from tree roots, preventing further damage and performance issues.

Sidewalk Repaving

The only way to resolve uneven sidewalks due to root damage requires trimming the roots and reinstalling the sidewalk. Hire an arborist to prune the tree’s root system before calling a contractor to repave your exterior walkways.

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