Does Cutting Down Trees Increase Property Value?

Various types of trees, like red oak and maple, make your property look more beautiful. This helps boost your property’s resale value. A study by Michigan University revealed that a tree in a beautiful, well-maintained landscape can increase your home’s value by six to 11%.  

This might leave you wondering, how does cutting down trees increase property value? As Knoxville’s top tree removal company, we explore some of the top reasons removing a tree will increase your property value. 

does cutting down trees increase property value

Leaning Trees 

If you have healthy mature trees on your property, you can be sure they’ll stand up to heavy winds and other extreme elements. However, leaning trees are prone to collapsing during harsh weather conditions. 

If you have a leaning tree on your property, removing it can boost your property’s value and safeguard your loved ones and property against harm. 

Dead Trees

You should never ignore any dead tree on your property. You need to remove it as quickly as possible to improve your property’s safety and aesthetic appeal. You certainly don’t want to deal with injuries or property damage when the tree comes down during a storm. 

However, you can have a hard time telling if a tree is dead, especially during winter, when deciduous trees drop their leaves. A scratch test can help in such a situation. Gently scratch the outer bark of the tree with a pocketknife or your fingernail; if the cambium layer of the bark is green rather than brown and dry, then your tree is alive. 

You can also look out for these common signs of a dead tree:

  • Peeling or chipped bark and cracks in the trunk
  • Fungi growth, such as mushrooms at the base of the tree’s trunk
  • Massive scaffold branches or cavities in the tree trunk
  • Hanging or dead branches in the upper crown
  • Fine twigs devoid of live buds near the tips of branches, which often don’t leaf out during the spring

Removing dead trees from your yard will prevent pest infestation and spread of diseases to healthier trees. It’ll also create room for other landscaping projects that would boost your property’s value. 

Undesirable Location

How does cutting down trees increase property value? Removing trees too close to your house or other structures can improve your property’s safety. Such trees could cause damage to the structures as they grow bigger, but tree pruning may not be a sufficient fix. In that case, an arborist may recommend removing the tree entirely for safety reasons. 

Overgrown Trees

An overgrown tree can adversely affect your home, including weakening the foundation and damaging sewer lines. Fixing these issues can cost you thousands of dollars and significantly decrease your home’s value. 

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