How to Remove Big Tree Roots From the Ground  

Enormous trees feature large roots that spread extensively to support themselves and find sufficient water and nutrients. But what happens when you need to remove those large roots?  

In this post, we discuss how to remove big tree roots from the ground, as advised by the best tree removal experts in Knoxville.  

how to remove big tree roots from the ground

Why Remove a Tree Root?  

Several scenarios justify root removal. For example, when you need to remove the stump left after cutting a tree, you may have to remove the roots as well. 

Roots can also become diseased, obstruct a designated pathway, or grow too long and cause property damage. Removing unsightly exposed roots may also help to improve a property’s curb appeal. Whatever the reason for root removal, you want to exercise extreme caution and do it right.  

Tree Root Removal Process  

Unlike small roots, removing larger roots needs expertise. Improper root removal could affect the tree’s overall health and stability or even kill the tree. Here’s how to remove big tree roots from the ground:  

1. Expose The Root  

Use a shovel or a spade; then a pruning saw or hand trowel to dig around the roots and expose them completely. Do this carefully to avoid any unnecessary root damage.  

2. Mark and Cut 

Next, mark the area you’ll cut, then cut it with a pruning or mechanical saw. But how do you find the right spot to cut? If you plan to remove all the roots, such as after tree removal, cut as close to the tree’s base as possible. 

Otherwise, avoid cutting too close to the trunk. Get the closest from the trunk that you can safely cut the root by multiplying the tree trunk’s diameter by three. You also want to avoid cutting the largest tree root, as it’s probably what keeps the tree stable. 

Also, don’t remove more than 20% of your tree’s roots or too much in a short period. If you need to remove tree roots more than once, experts recommend spacing out the task by about three years.  

3. Remove the Root  

You may need a small excavator or stump grinder to lift and completely remove large roots from the ground.  

4. Backfill the Hole  

Backfill the hole left behind with soil from the surrounding area or a mix of soil and compost, and monitor the tree afterward for signs of stress or poor health. 

If the root removal process seems rather complex or you lack the specialized equipment to do the job right, why not hire a professional tree removal service? An expert will know how to remove big tree roots from the ground. 

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