Can a Tree Survive a Split Trunk?

If you discover a tree with a split trunk on your property, don’t panic. There are several reasons a tree might develop a vertical split. 

Can a tree survive a split trunk? If the damage isn’t too severe, there are measures you can take to prevent the tree from splitting further. 

If you aren’t sure how to repair the tree yourself or if you want to remove the tree entirely, Pro Tree of Knoxville, TN, offers trusted tree removal in Knoxville and the surrounding areas. 

can a tree survive a split trunk

Causes of a Split Tree Trunk

Tree trunk splits are not necessarily preventable, but if you know the causes, you can spot them while they are still small and call a professional for treatment to prevent them from growing.

Temperature Fluctuations

Hot days and cool nights cause tree trunks to expand and contract rapidly. Knoxville weather patterns as winter turns into spring can cause this type of shift. Rapid temperature changes cause small cracks in tree trunks and over time they grow until a vertical split forms. 

Temperature fluctuations are the most common cause of splits. Before you plant trees on your property, make sure they can withstand the local climate. Not all trees can thrive in every area.

Hidden Disease

If a tree has internal decay, it deteriorates every day without you even knowing. Decay grows inside the trunk, eventually reaching the outside and causing a crack. If a tree trunk splits due to illness, it may die and you will have to call a professional to have the tree removed.

Inclement Weather

Trees in areas that experience tornadoes often succumb to the strong winds and split. Other natural forces like lightning strikes and even earthquakes can cause damaged trees as well. Lightning strikes often go all the way through a tree and cause it to fall.

If your tree split due to lightning a professional can check to see if the tree will survive. If not they can safely remove it before it causes property damage or pest infestation.

Repairing a Damaged Tree Trunk

When you discover a vertical split, you be wondering “can a tree survive a split trunk,” but don’t panic. There are some things you can do to save the tree.

Bolting the two pieces of the split together can prevent it from getting bigger. The two pieces won’t fuse back into one trunk, but the tree can continue to grow this way.

Cutting away the damaged area is sometimes the best course of action. This option will help the tree heal faster, but cutting away can cause even more damage, so call a professional tree service to stay safe.

Professional Tree Care Service

When you recognize the signs that a tree needs to be removed or when you wonder, “can a tree survive a split trunk,” we can help. Pro Tree of Knoxville, TN, provides a free estimate for tree service in Knoxville and nearby communities. Call 865-294-0062 to schedule service with our team.

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