5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Tree Removal

You know that tree in your yard that leans menacingly toward your home? Perhaps it drops branches left and right and has a trunk filled with holes. Either way, you should calculate the cost of tree removal services in your area. 

Learn what factors go into the final cost of tree removal from Pro Tree of Knoxville, Knoxville’s tree removal company. The information below could help you budget for these elemental services that protect your home and property.  

cost of tree removal

#1 The Size of the Tree

The bigger the tree, the higher the cost. Bigger trees are also more dangerous and take more time to remove. An arborist must use an accurate method of removal with great care to prevent the tree from falling on someone or something. 

Plus, large trees produce more debris. The cleanup process takes much longer than a small tree. Small, young trees can take an hour or less to fell and remove while medium to large trees can take a whole day. 

#2 The Tree’s Location

Is your sickly tree located amongst a cluster of healthy, beautiful trees? If so, removal services will cost more. Arborists have to account for the location of healthier trees as well as nearby buildings and structures. 

Some situations call for specialized equipment to effectively and safely cut and remove a tree. However, a tree located in an open area unpopulated by other trees will take less time and cost less money. 

#3 The Tree Species

The type of tree is another variable that affects the cost of tree removal. Each tree species has a unique growth factor. Growth factors indicate how much growth a tree goes within a certain timeframe. Trees with higher growth factors will have more trunk mass and diameter than low-growth trees of the same age. 

For example, you planted two trees of different species at the same time. Thus, they are the same age when you need them removed. Removal services for one tree exceed the cost of services for the other because the first has a higher growth factor. Therefore, it is much larger than the second. 

#4 Whether or Not the Tree Has Fallen

Has the tree already fallen? If so, removal services will cost significantly less. Arborists don’t have to work in awkward or dangerous conditions to fell the tree safely.

They can also use more basic, readily available equipment. Make sure to request a sample of the trunk to enjoy the unique growth rings! 

#5 Your Property Location

Tree removal prices vary depending on where you live. Services in Knoxville, TN won’t cost the same as in Florida. Before settling on a provider, compare quotes from different companies. Make sure they have strong safety protocols in place before hiring! 

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