What Is a Tree Crown: A Brief Guide

Trees consist of multiple parts that give them their distinctive look and charm. One of the most elaborate features of a tree is its crown. Some people do not know what a tree crown is or how they vary among tree species in the Knoxville, TN, area.

So, what is a tree crown? To teach you about tree crowns, Pro Tree of Knoxville created a short guide explaining everything you need to know about various tree crowns.

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What Is a Tree Crown?

When people ask themselves, “What is a tree crown?” they often think of the tree’s canopy. Although tree crowns make up most of a tree’s canopy, they are exceedingly complex and come in several varieties.

A tree crown is the uppermost part of a tree featuring numerous lateral branches that support leaves. It plays an essential role in photosynthesis, allowing the tree to grow and thrive in sunny conditions. 

Tree crowns come in four primary variations:

  • Dominant
  • Codominant
  • Intermediate
  • Overtopped

Dominant Tree Crowns

Dominant tree crowns surpass all other canopy structures and push branches upward and outward. They receive the most sunlight and grow much taller than other crown variations. 

Most dominant crowns have a pyramid-like shape and grow outward more than upward (although they grow both ways).

Codominant Tree Crowns

Codominant tree crowns are smaller than dominant varieties and share sunlight with neighboring trees. However, they don’t grow to their full potential since only the tips of their upper branches receive direct sunlight. Trees with dominant crowns are identical to trees with codominant variations, but receive as much less sunlight since they aren’t as big.

Intermediate Tree Crowns

Intermediate tree crowns are much smaller than codominant varieties and receive minimal sun. The lack of sun reduces the leaves’ surface area and makes them much narrower than codominant and dominant crowns. Intermediate crowns rest below codominant trees, creating a forest’s lower canopy.

Overtopped Tree Crowns

Overtopped tree crowns receive no sunlight and are much shorter than all other variations. They typically grow to one side and feature lusher foliage than the rest of the tree. The leaves are relatively sparse and short since taller trees cover most of the crown.

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