5 Reasons Why Removing Large Trees Is Necessary

Removing large trees is usually a tough decision for homeowners. After all, these plants become a familiar part of the landscape and improve the curb appeal of your property. There are, however, times when it becomes necessary to make that sacrifice for safety reasons or to avoid property damage and other costly expenses. 

In this post, Pro Tree of Knoxville, Knoxville’s top-rated tree removal experts, explains when it is necessary to call in a tree service company. 

1. Trees Growing Too Close to Power Lines or Other Structures

Knowing when to remove a tree is a difficult decision, but one that might be out of your control. If the tree threatens vital infrastructure like power lines, you may have an obligation to remove it. It also becomes necessary to do so if the tree is too close to a home or other building. 

A good rule of thumb is to watch what happens when the wind blows. If the tree comes into contact with the structure or lines, it is likely too close. In strong winds, each branch can easily become a projectile, posing a hazard to surrounding properties. 

2. They are Bad for the Landscape

An old, large tree is beautiful, but it might be bad for the rest of the landscape. This is particularly true of invasive species that are heavy feeders. They might easily stifle the plants around them because they block out light and air and hog nutrients and water. 

3. They Have an Invasive Root Structure

You may not realize how big that tree will grow when you first plant it. Many property owners are unaware that the roots extend at least as far as the tree’s canopy. The danger is that the roots can damage foundations and push up sidewalks, driveways, and pathways. When this happens, removing large trees becomes essential. 

4. Dead or Diseased Trees

A professional arborist is the best one to make a call in this case. However, if the tree is so diseased or pest-ridden that it cannot recover, it is best to remove it. Not only does this protect the other trees in the area, but it also prevents the tree from becoming a hazard. 

Dead or dying trees lose their branches quite easily and are at risk of toppling over and causing extensive property damage. 

5. You Need Some Space

We’ve all been there. Maybe you planted a tree, not realizing it would become such a tall monster. Or perhaps you just purchased a house and want to update the landscaping. In such cases, professional tree removal is the best option as it clears the space quickly and efficiently. 

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When considering removing large trees, it’s essential to partner with a team with the right tools and expertise. At Pro Tree of Knoxville, our certified arborists will come up with the right strategy for cutting down a tree in sections in the least destructive way possible. 

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