3 Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed 

Understanding the signs a tree needs to be removed can help you protect your property. How do you know when a tree has reached the point of no return? Start with Knoxville’s tree removal experts for help identifying issues that would warrant quick removal. 

Alternatively, read on for the top three signs that your tree’s time is up so that you know when to call the professionals.

Why Remove A Dangerous Tree From Your Property?

Trees provide breathtaking beauty for residential and commercial properties in Pecan, River Birch, Buckeye, and across Tennessee. Other benefits include the following: 

  • Curb appeal
  • Better air quality
  • Shade
  • Ecosystem support

Unfortunately, diseased, dying, or dead trees do not offer the same benefits. Instead, they can prove hazardous. When trees risk the safety of those who walk, drive, and live in close proximity to them, it is time to consider removal services.

Three Signs That Professionals Need to Remove A Tree

A slightly leaning tree may not require removal—the wind naturally affects growth patterns in young trees. However, there are three clear signs that leaving a tree in place could prove problematic.

#1 Leaf Issues 

Poor tree health means unhealthy-looking leaves. If you notice discolored leaves, leaves falling prematurely, or yellow stains around the leaves’ perimeters, you may need to prepare to remove your tree

#2 Included Bark 

One of the most common signs a tree needs to be removed involves included bark (the tree trunk splits into two weaker limbs). Unfortunately, included bark leads to compromised branch unions. Without prompt removal, you can expect numerous dead branches, potential property damage, and hazardous tree growth.

Observe the shape of your tree trunk. Do the adjacent limbs split in a “V” shape? Healthy trees have strong, U-shaped branch connections.

#3 Infestations 

Wood-boring insects make comfortable homes in a dying or diseased tree. Can you see small holes or wood shavings around the base of your tree? Fast removal could stop borers, carpenter ants, termites, and powderpost beetles from compromising every tree in the yard.

Insect infestations also migrate to wooden surfaces in your home, so contact tree removal experts immediately if you start noticing damaged trees.

Expert Strategies for Healthier Trees 

A well-maintained tree can thrive for centuries, withstanding seasonal weather changes even after it develops cracks or loses branches during its growth cycle. However, if you want to be sure, you can always contact professional arborists for help with the following: 

  • Watering schedule
  • Slow-releasing fertilizers
  • Measuring nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil and more

Tree services will also be able to tell you when to remove a tree. A tree removal company can do so safely, especially for trees near power lines or structures.

Trust Pro Tree of Knoxville For All Your Tree Service Needs

Pro Tree of Knoxville has proudly served the Knox County community for many years. Our ISA-certified arborists offer a wide range of services to support healthy tree growth. Call Pro Tree of Knoxville at (865) 294-0062 today for more information about the signs a tree needs to be removed and the dangers of DIY tree removal projects!

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